Film Premiere: ‘FIGHT for SPACE’

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FIGHT FOR SPACE — A critical exposé of the U.S. space program that examines why humans haven’t returned to the Moon, sent humans to Mars, and why NASA’s budget has remained stuck in low Earth orbit. Filmed over the course of 4 years, FIGHT FOR SPACE is the product of thousands of Kickstarter supporters who believed that the exploration of space is worth fighting for. Over 60 interviews were conducted with astronauts, politicians, educators, historians, scientists, former NASA officials, commercial space entrepreneurs, and many other experts in the space community. A film which tackles issues like no other documentary has before, it features newly restored 35mm and 16mm footage from the National Archives NASA Collection, complimented by an original musical score from award-winning composer Ron Jones (Family Guy, American Dad, Star Trek: The Next Generation).
Following the film there will be a Q&A panel with filmmaker Paul Hildebrandt along with Jim Muncy, Jeff Bingham, and Rick Tumlinson.