Havana D’ Primera & El Chacal

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Havana D’ Primera & El Chacal

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Havana D’ Primera
Alexander Abreu y Havana D’ Primera is the Cuban Timba band directed and founded by Alexander Abreu in 2008, widely recognized as one of the greatest trumpet players of his generation – enriching most of the musical productions on the island. The band was formed by a collective of the best musicians and Cuban-All-Stars artists in the current Cuban scenario, including not only revolutionary dominating musicians in the 90’s but also the most talented musicians of the upcoming years. Alexander has established himself as a dominating vocalist and renowned songwriter. His highly sophisticated melodic voice has made him remain as an outstanding vocalist with the added melodic sophistication of a skilled instrumentalist. He is considered one of the most versatile Cuban musicians, who has made of his music a fascinating rhythmic and musical fusion of Salsa, Jazz, Funk and Afro-Cuban.

Members: Alexander Abreu Manresa, Amaury Peréz Rodríguez, Aníbal Zurbaran Leonard, Aniel Tamayo Mestre, Bernado Antonio Rodríguez Menéndez (Tony), Bruno Rogelio Nápoles Collazo (Nápoles), Carlos Alberto Nogera Lara, Carlos Luís Álvarez Guerra , Enrique Luís Pérez Prieto, Guillermo del Toro Varela, Harold Díaz Escobar, Jannnier Rodríguez Milán, Keisel Jiménez Leyva, Orlando Jesús Vázquez Peña, Raúl Tobías Gil García (Avi), Uyuni Martinez Romero, Yosvel Alexei Bernal Pina.

El Chacal
Born in 1986 in the city of Havana, Ramon Lavado Martinez, alias El Chacal, is an unmistakable product of the Cuban music scene of the 1990s —the decade he grew up in. At an early age, El Chacal began to get involved in the blooming hip-hop scene of the island, and soon became one of its most prolific young talents. His multiple skills and incredible intensity quickly earned him a strong fan base.

With the band, Martinez instantly became one of the major players of the Cubaton movement, with popular songs like Ella Se Va De Control and Chica Modelo contributing to their success. Always looking to the future, El Chacal used the position to familiarize himself with the music industry. “That’s where I learned everything I needed to launch my own career”, he recalls. His numerous successful collaborations with some of the greatest artists of the scene, like Eddy K and Yulien Oviedo gave him the confidence to branch out as a solo artist in 2009.

Martinez consciously refuses to let this international success go to his head. Deeply attached to his boyhood neighborhood, he makes sure to stay as close as he can to his roots. This strong connection for his birthplace is most notably detected in his song La Habana. “Here, people love me, respect me. I grew up here, so people always see me as a kid, not as El Chacal, and that’s what I find so great about it -I can be myself,” he explains.

Eddy K
Eduardo Mora Hernandez, better known as Eddy-K, is a pioneer in the Cubaton (Cuban Reggaeton) movement. Eddy K was at the beginning a duo with “Eddy” (Eduardo Mora Hernández) and another former member (K). Eddy K became a group in 1998 when the singer of Cuban rap music “Jorgito” (Jorge Francisco Hernández Carvajal) joined to form Eddy-K.

Eddy-K made music for the the popular Cuban television show “La Otra Geografía.” The group did a world tour with “La Charanga Habanera y Las Voces de Cuba.” The group also had one of its first concerts with Don Omar in Cancun, Mexico.

In early 2008, Eduardo Mora left Cuba and resettled in Miami. Damian and Jorgito have since gone on to form a new group in Cuba, known as Los 4.

Mora has continued performing as Eddy K. name. Today he is involved in producing and working with artists to create music which he refers to as “CubanStyle” . He is most famous for his mix of salsa and Cuban Reggaeton music to make cubaton. Eddy K has collaborated with popular Puerto Rican, Cuban, and other artists around the world. Eddy-K is a true pioneer of the urban movement of Cuban Music today.

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April 29 2018


Date: April 29, 2018
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